Reports & Publications

A selection of reports (including pre-rebrand) are available to download here

Annual Impact Report 2022

Clár Kinia 2022

Kinia Maths-Whizz Progamme Report 2022/2023

Kinia Maths-Whizz Impact Report Linesight

Kinia Creative Ireland Programme Report 2022

Annual Impact Report 2021

Kinia Annual Report 2020

Remote Reading Buddy Research 2021

CS @TechSpace Impact Report 2020

Clár TechSpace Report 2020

SUAS Annual Report 2019

Camara Ireland Annual Report 2019

Camara Ireland Annual Report 2018

NYCI Techspace Stem in Youth Work Maker Project. 2018

STEAMingAhead: towards embedding STEAM in Irish Youth Work (2018)

Clár TechSpace Report: Brief 2018

CDYSB Report 2020

Creative Ireland Creative Technologies Needs Analysis Report 2021