We work with volunteers from the corporate sector as part of CSR initiatives, from the education sector as part of Transition Year programmes, and from the wider community.

At Kinia, we’re always looking for volunteers to support the great work we do.

We run volunteer led projects to help a child or young person develop essential skills in the classroom.

Volunteers deliver a 1:1 literacy or maths boost for children in person or online through our Reading Buddy Programme or Mathswhizz Platform, and Classroom or Group special project support on digital skills.

Kinia Community

Our volunteers come from all age groups and a variety of backgrounds. All you need is a serious commitment to helping young people who need a boost in school.


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Volunteer commitment is 14–16 hours spread over 7–8 weeks. Each placement involves 2 days per week, with an hour session on each day.


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You will need to complete a short online training session (1–2 hours) to prepare for your volunteer placement. This includes information about child safeguarding.

Garda Vetting


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All our volunteers need to be garda vetted by Kinia in order to take part in our projects. It’s an important part of the process, that we will guide you on.


“I really enjoyed watching Sophie get the hang of words through the weeks that she originally struggled with. Sophie said such nice things to me at the end and I think she is motivated to keep reading by herself. That’s all I can ask for.”

– Mazars volunteer

“Many of the children over time read with increased fluency and expression. Children looked forward to reading with their mentor and developed a positive relationship with their mentor.”

– A Teacher, December 2018

Organisations that volunteer with us: