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Kinia brings together everyone who believes in the power of learning. We want all young people to confidently create their future

We are launching our first ever Creative Educator TechFest!

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Friday 11th November 12pm-5pm

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The Foundry at Google Dublin

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Attend inspirational tech-taster workshops and demonstrations!

Augmented Reality: Volograms with Linda Cardiff TCD
Current Chemistry Investigators with SFI 
Emerging Technologies with Irish Manufacturing Research 

The Kinia Lab, Skriware, SchooVR, Robot wars and much more

Be Inspired with Keynote Speakers!

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Patricia Scanlon 

Founder and Executive Chair of SoapBox Labs, the world’s leading provider of proprietary voice technology for children. Dr. Scanlon holds a PhD and 25 years experience working in software engineering, Speech Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, including at Bell Labs and IBM.

An acclaimed TEDx speaker, Dr. Scanlon was named one of Forbes “Top 50 Women in Tech” globally and ranked 6th of 17 global “Visionaries in Voice” by industry-leading publication 

Keynote Speaker: Mark Little 

Mark Little was the co-founder of Kinzen, which helped protect online communities from harmful content using a combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise. Mark was also the founder of social media news agency Storyful, and a senior executive with Twitter. He was originally a television journalist and spent 20 years working for RTE.  

Panel Discussions:”Path ways to Careers” and “Designing Innovative Communities”

Learn from other teachers and youth workers with Educator Spotlight talks

Share your experiences in the Networking Space or listen to the experts in our Panel Discussions

Current Chemistry Investigators with John O’ Donoghue (TCD) 

Current Chemistry Investigators (CCI) is a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) informal education project run by teams of researchers at Trinity College Dublin and the Atlantic Technological University Sligo.

We are sparking conversations with schools and community groups about the science of energy storage as well as Ireland’s green transition!

Skriware with Viktor Bohdanov

The workshop is focused on the practical implementation of STEAM educational concept with the usage of technologies in modern schools.

It will include tips and practical guidelines of the usage of 3D printing, computer design software, robotics and programming tools on the example of SkriLab educational solution (Skriware Academy, Skrimarket, 3D Playground, Creator).

Inspiring Women Volograms AR with Linda Cardiff (TCD) 

This workshop aims to demonstrate how full-bodied three-dimensional holograms of pioneering women from Irish history offers an innovative method of inquiry for students in post-primary schools. The facilitator will provide a short overview of the Inspiring Women project, the volumetric video technology used and the opportunities the technology presents for alignment with the Irish post-primary curriculum. Participants will be invited to take part in a practical ‘hands-on’ session where they will meet the historical figures. Using a handheld device, they will also be invited to create their own volumetric video capture. 

3D Printing with Isabel Meza

3D printing is the process of making a physical object from a digital model. The 3D object is built layer by layer until it is completed.This technology has radically changed the prototyping process by enabling the speedy creation of models or physical parts using 3D computer-aided design (CAD). Thishands-on workshop will give educators a tester of 3D modeling using CAD software, an overview of the 3D printing process and how 3D printing can be implemented in the classroom.

Barry Haughey (Holo/Gen)

This workshop with explore the growing reach of immersive technology within the non-formal education and youth work sectors. With a growing range of VR multiuser platforms available in addition to increased access to VR equipment (PSVR2, Apple, Meta) there is a huge opportunity for educators to being to explore and harness immersive environments such as VR for learning.

Virtual Reality experiences with Mark Baldwin SchooVR

Create and Launch Virtual Reality Experiences in the Primary and Post Primary Classroom

In this workshop participants will explore several VR applications that can be used with all class levels. The workshop will show participants the tools to create and launch their own virtual reality content. Virtual reality goggles and phones will be provided on the day.

Kinia brings together everyone who believes in the power of learning. We want all young people to confidently create their future

Kinia Credentials: Receive accreditation as Recognition of your professional development with Kinia 

Educators in classrooms and youth settings across the country have worked incredibly hard over the last few years to accelerate their digital skills, knowledge and confidence in using technology for learning. We want to acknowledge and celebrate this by awarding Kinia Credentials as part of a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process in 2022. 

You can apply for a Kinia Credential if you have successfully completed in-person or online Kinia Training (or previously TechSpace and/or Camara) in the last 4 years, have applied skills and can document evidence.

Kinia Credentials

We will be launching Kinia Credentials at the Creative Educator TechFest.

 Kinia Credentials are a set of stackable awards achieved by educators  when they engage in our professional development training courses. Learning outcomes from Kinia modules and, the application of these skills in classrooms and youth services, will be recognised, stored in a certified digital portfolio and endorsed by a range of industry and education partners.

These credentials will be endorsed and supported by Google, Creative Ireland, ESB, Department of Tourism, Culture Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media.

Be part of a Diverse, Inclusive and Collaborative Learning Community!

When you leave, you will be empowered and equipped with inspiration and new ideas on how to engage young people in inclusive tech learning. 

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