Our Work

Kinia brings together everyone who believes in the power of learning.
We want all young people to confidently create their future.

We are a capacity-building organisation. We resource learning environments with the digital equipment, professional development and interventions they need to create the best learning experience possible.

We deliver all of our programmes through English and the Irish language. 

We want to release the energy of creative, resilient young people who are motivated to achieve if given the chance. We develop programmes, scale them across any learning environment, recognise success and celebrate achievements.

Kinia Collective

Working in partnership to deliver an inclusive, diverse and sustainable educational landscape.

Statutory Partners
Corporate & Industry Partners
Youth & Education Organisations

Kinia Create

Building creative learning environments by listening, developing strategies and supporting action plans.

Digital Strategy
Digital Education Platforms
Needs Analysis and Reports

Kinia Community

Cocreating solutions and facilitating a professional network for continued learning. Recognising talent and celebrating achievements.

Kinia Network
Creative Consultants Youth Groups
Educator Advisory Groups

Kinia Opportunities

Empowering creativity with technology in order to broaden skills, aspiration and opportunities for young people. Resourcing learning space with the equipment needed to deliver engaging and sustainable project based learning
Professional Development
Targeted Skills Support

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School & Youth Service



We are Reliable

Feedback on our training programmes is consistently excellent with a 8.5/10 average

We are Respected

We work with a range of statutory and corporate partners to deliver shared goals

We are Specialised

Our team have a range of experience in the classroom, youth centres, research and technology

Our Partners & Funders