Technology Week

Creative Technology Week is a nationally recognised Celebration of Creative Technology, an initiative set up by Kinia to celebrate young people across the country, and their achievements in Creative Technology. 

During Creative Technology Week, from 15th – 22nd April 2024, we will host our two flagship youth events: Tech Féile on 19th April (celebrating 6 years) and Creative Tech Fest on 20th April (celebrating 11 years).

Kinia Youth Events:

During Creative Technology Week, we will host Creative Tech Fest and Tech Féile, Kinia’s annual national showcase events for young people. The events are for teachers, youth workers, and young people aged between 12 – 18 years, who are part of the Kinia Network. This event is not open to primary schools.

Registration of interest closed on Friday 19th January and the deadline for submitting projects is 22nd March

Submit your application here:

Tech Féile – 19th April

Tech Fest – 20th April 

For Educators:

Educators who register for an event, will be added to an engaging programme of activities from September 2023 to April 2024.

The activities are designed for Educator’s who want to implement engaging and creative technology learning experiences effectively, and to use them as an educational tool.

For Young People:

Our youth events provide an opportunity for young people to broaden their skills and aspirations, and to recognise their achievements.

Being digitally creative develops key skills and competencies that build opportunity and learning pathways, so that all young people can confidently create their future.

Award Categories:

Category 1: Digital Creativity Awards:

1A. Video Production – Mobile Video, Music Video, Documentary, Fiction create your own visual story!

1B. Audio Production – Podcast, music, spoken word, radio documentary let’s have a listen!

1C. Photography/Design – Photoshop, Canva, your phone camera, DSLR – express yourself!

Category 2: STEAM Awards:

2A. STEAM – Electronics, Re -Design a STEAM Kit Build, craft something new

2B. Computer Science – Micro:bit, Makey Makey, Scratch or coding, gaming …

2C. Emerging Technologies- AR, VR, 3D Printing and more whatever else is emerging!

Category 3: Kinia People Awards

3A. Organisation of the Year – This special award celebrates the range of creative collaborations among our education institutions, clubs and groups. You know who you are! We aim to name and celebrate our most involved organisation that has engaged with their Kinia training, engaged with Tech Feile/Tech Fest and brought it all to the next level with their learners and students!

3B. Kinia Educator the Year – This year, we are awarding one educator who has achieved success with Kinia in developing their professional skills on our courses, be they in-person or on the Academy! Are you that educator?

3C. Kinia TechSpacer of the Year – Our team will be scouring our Tech Feile/Tech Fest submissions and credentials for those young people who have gone above and beyond in submitting projects that are also of the highest quality and, in true Kinia spirit, are creative, inquisitive, innovative and display a real drive to learn!

The Kinia Approach

The Kinia approach is strongly grounded in the belief that learning happens everywhere – in formal and non-formal learning environments. 

We have a national, bi-lingual (English and Irish) reach across Ireland and, with the support of our partners we have provided training, support and professional development to over 20,000 teachers and youth workers over the last three years. 

The Kinia non-profit ethos prioritises educators who work in DEIS schools, School Completion Programme, Rural and Gaeltacht areas, TUSLA and youth work services to reach disadvantaged and marginalised young people.

“Getting involved in Kinia and Creative TechFest has been a highlight of my work over the last year. Creative TechFest allowed the young people to set themselves goals, work as a team, develop a wide range of new skills and turn ideas into reality. The event itself was a great way for the young people to receive recognition for all their hard work and to motivate them to continue on their STEAM journey.”

– Liam Devanney, Project Worker, Include Youth Services

Kinia Award Ceremony

You can develop and submit your creative technology project in the area of STEAM, Digital Media or Computer Science as part of this year’s events. Young people will not only learn about the subject area in a fun and engaging way, but they will also develop skills and competencies such as: Collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and more. Kinia credentials recognise professional development and activation of skills, and then allow an Educator to award digital badges to young people.

Deadline to submit a project: 22nd March 2024

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