Learning is Life

Kinia is an education focused non-profit, charity and social enterprise, and we want to make sure future focused skills and learning opportunities are available for all children and young people.

We want to build the foundations that support diversity and inclusion to become key pillars in a society where every child has the vision to set their dreams and the pathway to achieve them.


Access to higher education courses in STEM and Medicine are heavily dominated by those from the most affluent families

Academic Success

Academic success is disproportionately aligned with wealthier backgrounds

Rural Urban Divide

There is a rural urban divide in opportunities for STEM entrepreneurship, innovation and industry

Gender Gap

There is a gender gap in STEM careers

Socio-economic Divide

At least 25 percent of the Irish population is excluded from an increasingly digital society because of socio-economic reasons.

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Our Impact

The figures below are a reflection of our national reach:

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All of our important information can be found at the bottom of our website, including; governance, reports & publications, codes & policies, our history, what we stand for and how we raise money. Providing full transparency is standard practice at Kinia. When you commit to supporting Kinia you commit to supporting children, young people and communities in Ireland.

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